- Klezrem'x-

Bruno Bonansea / Jérémy Bruyère
Clarinets / Double bass

KLEZREM'X is an atypical, creative duet, consisting of clarinetist Bruno Bonansea and double bass player Jérémy Bruyère.

This duo of two musical personalities, share a common classical background (they both studied in CNSMD of Lyon) but each have a distinct musical identity.

Bruno has always been attracted by improvised and folk music, being influenced particuarly by Jacques Di Donato and Bernard Lubat. Jérémy has a solid Jazz background (he studied at the New York "New School" and is winner of various competitions (Concours de Jazz la défense, Concours Jazz à St Germain, concours Jazz à Montauban, Victoires du Jazz 2016 with the Laurent Coulondre Trio).

The result of this fusion is a journey, which starts from a remixed Klezmer (from which they took their name) and quickly ventures to other musical styles.

Their music mostly consists of compositions with much improvisation, and can be characterized by spontaneity, made possible by their creativity and teamwork. The richness of the combination of these two instruments, the complementary nature of their sounds and the alchemy between these two artists form the creation of a new sound world.

Soloist / Recital
Louise Jallu / Bruno Bonansea
(Clarinets -Bandoneon)
(clarinets - double bass)
Duo Yati
(flutes - clarinets - loopstation)
No Parking
(contemporary clarinets)
(photography - improvise music)
Festival "Les Echappées Musicales du Médoc"
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