- Pictures-

"Pictures" is a collaboration between a musician-photographer, a video-technician and a plastician. Together they looked for a new experience which would mix photography and improvised music. Two Arts, one happening in the time, the other catching it in instantaneity.

A video using both visual quality of the pictures and their narrative potential, became the pictures key. The visual story is given to be seen through an immersive mapping, especially created for each venue. The pictures become alive, and are transcended by the creativity and spontaneity of the musicians, plunging the audience in a poetic visual and sonorous world.

The entirely improvised music and the unicity of the mapping, adapted to each site, make every performance unique and exceptional. This project is a beautiful example of a rich dialogue between two Arts.



Soloist / Recital
Louise Jallu / Bruno Bonansea
(Clarinets -Bandoneon)
(clarinets - double bass)
Duo Yati
(flutes - clarinets - loopstation)
No Parking
(contemporary clarinets)
(photography - improvise music)
Festival "Les Echappées Musicales du Médoc"
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